Jesus as the Divine Scapegoat


Jesus was a divine scapegoat. He not only revealed to us what God had been doing all along, but also unmasked the scapegoat mechanism for all to see. Through Jesus, we see the truth of violence, that it comes from us, and not from God.

God as the Divine Scapegoat

God Scapegoat

God is a divine scapegoat, allowing us to blame Him for our violence, so that He can carry our violence away and rescue us from violence. Without the scapegoat mechanism, human culture would collapse upon itself in a never-ending cycle of progressive violence.

Why God Appears Violent in Scripture

violent God

God appears violent in the Bible because humans would rather blame God for our violence than admit that we ourselves are violent. And God gladly accepts responsibility for our violence to help rescue and redeem us from violence.

Is God a murderer?

is God a murderer?

The devil is a murderer and a liar, and one of his primary lies is to tell us that God is a murderer. The devil himself is largely responsible for much of the violence that happens in the world, and he loves nothing more than to carry out that violence and then frame God for it.

How do I stop sinning?

stop sinning

A reader asked how to stop sinning, and how to regain confidence after sinning so terribly. I provide three recommendations. I also suggest that his beliefs indicate a reliance upon religion, and freedom will only come as he leaves religion behind.