Humans have three parts: Body, Soul, and Spirit

three parts, body, soul, spirit

The Bible teaches that humans consist of three parts: the body, the soul, and the spirit. This helps us understand what happened in the fall, how sin occurs in our lives, what God does through regeneration, and why we are still awaiting glorification.

Paul Does Not Teach Total Depravity in Romans 3

Psalm 14

In Romans 3, Paul quotes several verses from the Hebrew Bible. Despite what Calvinists say, Paul is not teaching total depravity or total inability in this text. He is teaching universal sinfulness, but this does not keep a person from believing in Jesus for eternal life.

Is Paul teaching Calvinism in Romans 3:10-12?

Romans 3 and Calvinism

Romans 3:10-12 is not about the Calvinistic ideas of Total Depravity or Total inability. Yes, universal sin is taught, but Paul’s point is to put Jewish people on the same footing as Gentiles regarding their standing before God. To see this, we need to understand the context of Romans 3 in light of the overall structure and argument of Paul in his letter to the Romans.

John 15:4-5 Does Not Teach Total Inability

John 15 4-5 vine and branches

John 15:4-5 is talking about total inability, but not the total inability of unbelievers. Instead, Jesus is teaching about the total inability of disciples to do anything in the Kingdom of God by their own strength and resources.

John 8:43 does not teach total inability

John 8:43 unable to listen or hear

John 8:43 is not a statement about the lifelong inability of some people to believe in Jesus for eternal life, but is a warning to those who reject the Gospel, continuing instead to deceive themselves.