3 Tactics Calvinists Use Against Non-Calvinists

Calvinist name calling

When debating Calvinists in person or online, there are 3 tactics they often use to defend their Calvinistic ideas, and all 3 lack grace. If we truly hold to grace, does it not seem that our dealings with others should also be full of grace?

The NEW Finding Church

Finding Church

Finding Church by Wayne Jacobsen is a great book for all who feel there must be something more to church. If you have been looking for a new church, have been thinking of trying to start a new church, or have been have been wondering about how to be the church, make sure you read Finding Church first.

John 15:4-5 Does Not Teach Total Inability

John 15 4-5 vine and branches

John 15:4-5 is talking about total inability, but not the total inability of unbelievers. Instead, Jesus is teaching about the total inability of disciples to do anything in the Kingdom of God by their own strength and resources.

John 8:43 does not teach total inability

John 8:43 unable to listen or hear

John 8:43 is not a statement about the lifelong inability of some people to believe in Jesus for eternal life, but is a warning to those who reject the Gospel, continuing instead to deceive themselves.

The True Service of the Church

helping others get homes

A blog reader sent in a story about how he and his wife are learning to be the church in his community. They were a bit disappointed with how their church handled a situation, and so took matters into their own hands to love others like Jesus. If you have a similar story, send it in!