What I believe about Total Inability

what I believe about total inability

In a previous post I explained what Calvinists believe about total inability. Here is what I believe about total inability as it relates to faith. While I would agree that people cannot take the first step toward God, I believe that God has taken steps to enable people to believe in Jesus for eternal life, and that this faith is not meritorious.

Why 1 John 5:1 does not teach that regeneration precedes faith

regeneration precedes faith

1 John 5:1 is one text used to defend the idea that regeneration precedes faith. It seems to say that faith is a result of being born again. But when studied in context, 1 John 5:1 is not teaching that regeneration precedes the faith that results in eternal life.

How to be as Smart as Martin Luther (Use Logos 6)

Logos 6

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Is the World Controlled by the Devil? 1 John 5:19

world under the control of wickedness 1 John 5:19

Calvinists often use 1 John 5:19 to teach that the world is controlled by the devil, and is therefore totally depraved and unable to believe in Jesus. In this post we consider 1 John 5:19 in context and see that John is calling on all people to choose whom they will serve – God or wickedness. 1 John 5:19 does not teach total inability, but its opposite.