Radically Normal

radically normal

Frank Viola interviewed Josh Kelley about his new book, Radically Normal. Thanks to a special arrangement with the publisher, the Kindle edition of Radically Normal is available for $1.99 on Amazon through April 17th, so go get it now! Here is the interview… Recently, Josh Kelley has written a new book called Radically Normal: You […]

The Day I Met Jesus

The Day I Met Jesus

Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth have written a fascinating and insightful book about five women from the Gospels. The books is titled The Day I Met Jesus. If you enjoy seeing Jesus from a new perspective, gaining insights into Scripture, or have an interest in how Jesus interacted with women during His ministry, I highly recommend this book.

I am Dying … (So I Can Live Again)

dying to my blog

I firmly believe that many people hold on to personal goals and pet projects long after they should have let them die a natural death. If we would let these things die, this would enable God to raise up something new in our life from the dust and ashes of the past.

Right now in my life, I need to let my blog and online presence die. I don’t know for how long, but I will be much less active around here for a while. It may be only a few weeks. It maybe a couple months. It may be forever.

How to Raise Children When Not “Attending” Church

raise children outside the church

Certainly, as we follow Jesus into the world, other people speak into the lives of our children, but raising and loving our children in the ways of God is not something we pass off to the youth pastor or the Sunday school teacher. It is a day-in and day-out way of living life before our children with Jesus by our side.

Help me Rescue Girls from Forced Prostitution

Human trafficking

Rather than write a bunch of words about the dire problem of human trafficking and forced prostitution, I decided to just post some pictures and infographics.

Sex slavery and forced child prostitution a bigger issue than most realize, and it is is huge problem right here in the United States. You most likely have human trafficking and child prostitutes right in your own town.

“The Re-Justification of God” is now on iTunes, B&N, Google

The Re-Justification of God

I know that many of you have already purchased The Re-Justification of God from Amazon, but if you don’t have Kindle (or the Kindle app for a different device), I am happy to announce that The Re-Justification of God is now available for other platforms as well!

Do We Suffer from the Illusion of Control?

Illusion of Control

We have very little control of anything in life. This brings great fear. So we try to control the fear by letting go of control. But this is simply another vain attempt to control. Just as we cannot control life, we cannot control control.

The only way out is to recognize that control is an illusion. We have no control. Life is a ride, and God is the builder of this ride, and Jesus is riding it with us, so we can just enjoy all the ups and downs of life.