An Excellent Commentary on Judges and Ruth

Chisholm Commentary on Judges and Ruth

Robert Chisholm’s Commentary on Judges and Ruth is an excellent resource for any pastor of Bible teacher who wants to teach on Judges and Ruth. Combining top-notch exegetical skill, a clear and compelling writing style, and deep pastoral insights, Robert Chisholm has provided a commentary on Judges and Ruth which should be part of any Bible student or Pastor’s library who plans to teach or preach on the books of Judges and Ruth.

Where is Jesus in “The Bible”?

the Bible history channel

As we were watching “The Bible” miniseries with my daughters, during a violent scene my daughter asked, “Daddy, where is Jesus?” Yes, that is the question, isn’t it? How do we read the enemy-forgiving Jesus back into the violence of the Old Testament texts?

Results from Violence of God Survey

Sinful employment for Christians

I ran a survey on whether or not you wanted me to continue my series on the violence of God. Here are the results. I was going to continue my series on the Violence of God anyway… mainly because I need to study it for myself, and writing is one way I force myself to study.

Survey Results on Sinful Employment for Christians

Christian employment

Here are the survey results for the survey on sinful employment for Christians. Some of the answers are surprising. What would be most interesting is if we could have First Century Christians take this same survey.

Unity vs Uniformity in the Church

unity of the Body of Christ

It is possible to have unity within the church only if we give up on uniformity. Unity is a Godly goal; uniformity is not. Do you want Christian unity? Begin by recognizing, encouraging, and celebrating our immense diversity.