You Look Like Jesus!

looks like Jesus

Christians are to look like Jesus. But what does this mean?

Does it mean having long hair and wearing white robes? Of course not!

To look like Jesus means to live as He lived, but in a way that is specific to us. In future posts I will be looking at various theological and social topics through the lens of Jesus so that our response to these issues looks like Jesus.

You & Your Thoughts

You and Your Thoughts

You & Your Thoughts is a new book by Dr. Earl Radmacher. It shows how the mind works and what we can do to change our thinking, and change our life.

This book is a classic from Dr. Earl Radmacher, and is essentially unchanged from the 1977 edition. It now has a Foreword from Ed Underwood, pastor of Church of the Open Door, author of The Trail, and blogger at

The Church is an Elect People

church is chosen by God

The church is chosen by God. But the church did not replace Israel. The church is the fulfillment of the reason God chose Israel as His elect nation. And just as God chose Israel to be a blessing to the world, so also, the church, as the elect people of God, are to be a blessing to the world.