Total Depravity as Total Inability

total inability total depravity

When most Calvinists speak of Total Depravity what they really have in mind is something they call Total Inability. This is an idea I am not comfortable with and believe is not taught in Scripture.

Total Depravity According to Calvinists

what is total depravity

Total Depravity is the foundation and starting place of Calvinism. I am not opposed to total depravity as much as I am the ramifications of this doctrine. That is, universal sinfulness is a biblical idea, but the way Calvinists use this idea to form other doctrines causes me to reject total depravity as Calvinists understand and define it.

Calvinism and the NIV

no NIV

I am convinced that one reason for the rise of popular-level Calvinism in the United States over the past 30 years is because of the popularity of the NIV. In some places, the NIV translation is so bad, I wish people would just rip those sections out of their NIV BIble.

The post is perfectly inerrant

the Bible is not proof

In Bible college and seminary, I always found it strange that one of the primary reasons given for divine inspiration and the inerrancy of Scripture was “because the Bible says so.” I always thought…. “Really? We know the Bible is divinely inspired because the Bible says so? We know it is inerrant because it claims to be?” This is not a compelling argument…

Words of Calvinism and the Word of God

TULIP Calvinism

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