Faith is Not a Work; Faith is Not a Gift

faith is not a gift

Calvinists claim that if we believe, then faith is a work. But it isn’t. They also claim that faith is a gift from God. This also is not true. Faith is a conviction or persuasion that something is true based on the evidence provided. As such, faith is not a work and faith is not a gift.

Are there Degrees of Faith?

great faith

Because the Bible talks about great faith and little faith, some people think this teaches that there are degrees of faith. But there are not degrees of faith. You either believe something, or you don’t. If you are unsure about something, then you don’t believe it.

What is Faith?

faith is confidence

Though many think that faith is the same as hope or trust, it isn’t. Faith is being confident or convinced that something is true. We could maybe say faith is certainty.

Calvinism’s TULIP by any other name… still doesn’t smell very sweet

Reformed Theology

Calvinism is sometimes referred to as Reformed theology, while other times as the Doctrines of Grace. Both titles are severely misleading. Calvinism is not the only theological perspective to result of the Reformation, and Calvinism is not the only group to teach grace. In fact, it is my opinion that Calvinism is contrary to grace, but that is a subject for another time…

A Summary of Calvinism from Calvinists

Calvinism 5 point TULIP

It is difficult to find a summary of Calvinism on which all Calvinists agree, but here are two summaries of Calvinism by Calvinists which seem to be both fair and comprehensive. They summarize briefly what Calvinists believe about TULIP – the five points of Calvinism.