Some Surprising Truths about God’s So-Called “Election” of Abram in Genesis 12:1-3


Call of Abraham Genesis 12

The point of God’s calling of Abram in Genesis 12 and 15 has nothing whatsoever do with the election or predestination of some to receive eternal life.

Instead, God’s calling of Abram was so that he would be a blessing to the world.

God did call Abram. But it was not necessarily unconditional, nor did it have to do with Abram’s eternal life. The calling of Abram was a calling to service.

God selected Abram to be a blessing to the world.

The Church is an Elect People


church is chosen by God

The church is chosen by God. But the church did not replace Israel. The church is the fulfillment of the reason God chose Israel as His elect nation. And just as God chose Israel to be a blessing to the world, so also, the church, as the elect people of God, are to be a blessing to the world.

Jesus is the Elect One


Jesus the elect one

Jesus is God’s Elect One. Just as God’s election of Israel was an election to service, purpose, and vocation, so also, God’s election of Jesus was to service, purpose, and vocation.

Israel is God’s Chosen Nation … but what does that mean?


Israel elect nation

Throughout the Old Testament it is repeatedly stated that the Jews were a chosen people. Israel is referred to as God’s elect nation, His chosen people. This teaches us what election is and what election is for.

Calvinist Quotes on Reprobation


reprobation double predestination

Some Calvinists (though not all) hold to reprobation—which is the belief that God not only decided whom He would choose for eternal life, but also chose whom He would send to eternal damnation—while others flatly deny it. Here are some quotes from Calvinists who believe in reprobation.

Unconditional Election Quotes from Calvinists


rc sproul on election

The basic explanation of Unconditional Election is that God, in eternity past, had an eternal decree by which He predetermined all things that would happen. This post provides several unconditional election quotes from Calvinistic authors and pastors. It is important to let Calvinists define election in their own words.

The U in TULIP – Unconditional Election



According to Calvinism, God gives eternal life to those whom He chooses to give it. This is the doctrine of election, which we will consider over the next several blog posts. What questions and issues do you have about the biblical doctrines of election and predestination? Let me know in the comment section.

You Can Believe!


you can believe

You can believe! You should believe. God wants you to believe. God calls you to believe. This is just as true for you as it for anyone else on earth. While sin is a universal problem, people are not so depraved that they cannot respond to the call of the Gospel and believe in Jesus for eternal life.