Genesis 6:5 and Genesis 8:21 do not teach Total Depravity

Noah delivered from the flood

Though Genesis 6:5 and Genesis 8:21 are popular verses used to defend Total Depravity, they in fact offer a choice to humans whether to sin or obey God. Genesis 6–8 is a text which warns the reader that if they form the thoughts of their hearts after evil, only death and destruction will result. If, however, like Noah, they form their thoughts after righteousness and godliness, they will find grace in the eyes of the Lord, and He will guide them, protect them, and even deliver them

Calvinists Believe that Regeneration Precedes Faith

regeneration precedes faith

Calvinists often teach that regeneration precedes faith. That is, before God gives a person the gift of faith so that they can believe in Jesus for eternal life, God knows that He must first remove the problem of total inability. So God sovereignly regenerates the person before He gives them the gift of faith so that they are now able to believe when God gives them faith.

Calvinists Believe Faith is a Gift from God

faith is a gift from God

Since God requires faith in Jesus, and since God knows that it is impossible for the unregenerate person to place faith in Jesus, the Calvinist argues that God Himself gives faith to the person so that they can then believe. So then, faith becomes a gift from God. Faith is a Gift. Is this true?

Calvinists Believe Faith is a Work

faith is a work

Calvinists believe that faith is a work, and therefore, since people cannot do any good works, people cannot have faith. Calvinists argue that if people were able to believe in Jesus for eternal life, then this is something that they are doing, and therefore, their faith is meritorious before God. All of this is because of their view that faith is a sort of good work.

Dead in Sin – A Favorite Calvinistic Analogy

dead in sin Calvinism

When talking about Total Depravity, total inability, and the bondage of the will, it is quite popular among Calvinists to talk about mankind being dead in sin. Have you encountered this before? Do you think that when the Bible talks about being dead in sin, it refers to the total inability of humankind?