4 Shocking Reasons the Bible is Unique (Reason 4)

humans are violent

The Bible is uniquely human because the Bible accurately reveals to us what is in the heart of man. God knows what is in the heart of men (Jer 17:10; 1 Cor 2:11), and He reveals it to us through Scripture. It is my conviction that Scripture does not so much reveal God to us as it reveals us to us. Scripture is a mirror which God puts up to our own hearts to reveal what is in man (Jas 1:23).

Can Christians be Tree Huggers?

tree huggers

Christians can be tree huggers in the sense that we want to protect the environment God made. But we must not let this slide into idolatry of creation. First and foremost, we will be God lovers and people huggers who recognize that tending creation is one way to love both God and other people.