God Takes on Our Violence

old testament violence

When we sin, bad things happen, but God takes the blame. God takes on our violence and accepts responsibility for our actions and their painful results. God inspired the Old Testament authors to write about Him in a violent way so that He could do the same thing for Israel that Jesus did on the cross. Just as Jesus became sin for us, God became sin for Israel, and in this way, hopefully, stops the cycle of violence from continuing.

We are of our father, the Devil

devil is a liar and murderer

When we commit violence and then blame it on God, we are following the example of our father, the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning. Yet God covers our actions in His own blood, so that every time God looks like a lying, murderous, baby-killing, woman-raping bastard, it is because God has taken the burden of human sin upon His shoulders, and borne it away upon His body into death.

Why I Would Have Killed Jesus

killed Jesus

I would have killed Jesus because the same mindset mindset that put Christ on the cross is the mindset that allows me to call for the death of others. We humans are the violent ones; God is the one who rescues, redeems, restores, reconciles, and reverses the violence we commit, even when it is committed in His name.

God is Not Angry With You

God is not angry

One of the tragic misconceptions about God is that he is angry with us. But if Jesus reveals anything to us about God, it is that God is not angry with us. Let that sink in. God is not angry with us; He loves us! And since the first sin of Adam, God has been doing everything He can to rescue and deliver us from sin, death, and devil.

When the Fullness of Time Had Come

incarnation of Jesus

The timing of the incarnation of Jesus had something to do with the development of God’s plan of redemption, along with the development of humanity as a whole. The time was right for God to reveal more about Himself to us, and reveal more about us to us as well.