Knowing Your Theology

Calvin and Hobbes Theology

Knowing your theology is important. It is crucial to know who we are and why we are here so that we can know how to live and what is important in life.

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What’s More Important: Truth or Love?

Truth vs. Love

It is often taught that if we must choose between truth and love, we must choose truth, because a lie is never loving. But is this true?

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Theology God

Systematic Theology

If you study theology, make sure that learning theology is never the goal. The goal should be love: love for God and love for others.

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Theology Quotes for your Critique


Here are two theology quotes for you to critique. What is your first impression of what these say? Are they right or wrong? Why?

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Is Interest in Theology Waning?

Google Insights for Search

Theology searches have been in a steady decline for the past eight years. Any guesses as to why?

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