Theology is Like a Food fight

theology food fight

Theology is like a food fight. Both are messy, fun, and you find out who your friends are.

If you think I am a lying heretic, let me help you out…

lying heretic

If you think I am a lying heretic, let me help you point out all my errors to the rest of the world. I will help you start your own blog for free! Then you can write about all my heresies all you want, and who knows? Maybe I will come read your posts and become convinced of all my errors.

Then I Will Know Fully, As I Am Fully Known

deaf boy hears father

Although our feeble attempts at theology might be fairly amusing to God, the one sign we can all point to as we seek to know God is Jesus Christ. Like a boy who gets to hear for the first time, when we get our new bodies, we will know fully, as we are fully known (1 Cor 13:12).

Is Theological Certainty Possible?


A reader sent in a question about theological certainty. Here is my answer. How would you respond? Some think certainty is possible. Others are certain it is not. When it comes to theology, can we be certain about anything? If so, what?

Dangerous Theology

dangerous theology

I recently got accused of teaching dangerous theology. I tried to explain why my theology was not dangerous, but I should have just agreed. The truth is only truly dangerous to those who are trying to hide the truth. So the next time someone accuses me of teaching dangerous theology, I will thank them for the compliment and say, “You are right, and it comes from a dangerous God!”