What is “Soul Sleep”?

soul sleep

Soul sleep is the idea that after a person dies, they exist unconsciously until the future resurrection. But is this idea taught in the Bible? I say no. I believe that after a person dies, if they have believed in Jesus for eternal life, they go immediately to be with God in heaven.

Will Jesus’ second coming be in the clouds? I’m not so sure…

Jesus Second Coming

Luke 17:20-24 and Mark 14:62 seem to indicate Jesus’ second coming will be in the clouds. But will it? I am not so sure. Jesus will return physically, but may not as many of us think. In fact, Jesus can return today through our words and actions toward others.

Paul the Apostle of the Last Days

Apostle of the Last Days

Apostle of the Last Days by C. Marvin Pate is an excellent book showing how Jesus fulfills BOTH Jewish AND Graeco-Roman expectations for the last days. If you are preaching or teaching on any letter of Paul, I highly recommend this volume.

What Heaven Will Be Like

Susan Boyle

Many wonder what heaven will be like. It will be like Susan Boyle getting to do what she was made for. It will be like life, but without the pain and death. Heaven is not about sitting on clouds playing harps. It will be like this life, but without the pain, regret, and fear. Life will be what it was always meant to be.

Getting Blotted Out of the Book of Life?

Book of Life

Revelation 3:5 says that those who overcome will not be blotted out of the book of life. So if we do not overcome, we will get blotted out? No! Revelation 3:5 is using a figure of speech called litotes where a positive truth is stated in a negative way for emphasis. This post explains more detail about this figure of speech, how we often use it today in our own conversations, and how it helps us understand what Jesus is saying in Revelation 3:5.