The Light at the End of the Theological Tunnel

the end the telos

The “telos” or the end of Scripture is Jesus, and the “telos” or the end of Jesus is to become numbered among the sinners. Why? Because Jesus reveals God to us, and this is what God has been doing since the very beginning. God looks violent just as Jesus looks like a criminal.

The Holy Bible is not so Holy

holy Bible

Is the Holy Bible holy? No. God is holy. Ink on paper is not. This doesn’t mean the Bible is worthless. It is valuable. But let’s not worship the Bible.

Why are there 400 years of silence between the Old and New Testaments?

years of silence

When some ask about the 400 years of silence between the Old and New Testaments, they are really asking about the years of silence in their own life. Once you learn that years of silence in Scripture does not mean God is absent, you can see that God is also at work in your life even when He seems absent or silent.

JEDP Hypothesis, Q Theory, and the Critical Text… Oh My!

JEDP Hypothesis

My opinion on the JEDP hypothesis are the same as my opinion on the Q theory and the Critical text. I have never completely caught the disease… I try to give biblical authors the same freedom and flexibility I want readers to give me.

Jesus’ Parables are Confusing? Good!

Jesus parables confusing

Most people find Jesus’ parables to be rather confusing. If that is you, guess what? You are on the right track to understanding Jesus’ parables. Jesus spoke in parables so that we would be confused by them so that we would come to Him for an explanation and in so doing, develop our relationship with Him.