In Killing Jesus, Satan Cast out Satan

killing Jesus

In killing Jesus, Satan though he had won. But in reality, when Jesus died, Satan cast out Satan. Jesus defeated Satan at his own game. Jesus died at hell’s gates so that He might ride through them in victory.

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Satan Casts Out Satan

satan casts out satan

When religion reacts violently to evil, this may not be God judgment against sin, but rather, Satan casting out Satan. It may be that Satan casts out Satan to make it look like God winning, when in reality, Satan is using violent religion to consolidate and amplify his own power.

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Is God a murderer?

is God a murderer?

The devil is a murderer and a liar, and one of his primary lies is to tell us that God is a murderer. The devil himself is largely responsible for much of the violence that happens in the world, and he loves nothing more than to carry out that violence and then frame God for it.

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The Waters of the Flood and ANE Cosmology

the waters of the flood

In seeking to understand what is going on in the account of the flood and why the waters that came upon the earth, we must understand the ANE cosmology. The waters of the flood cause the world to revert the the chaos of a pre-creation state. The flood reveals cosmic warfare between God and Yamm, the god of chaos and storms.

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Signs of Demonic Possession

christ and him crucified

Are there clear signs of demonic possession? If so, what are they? Should we be trying to find signs of demonic possession in others, or should we instead focus on Christ and Him crucified?

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