6 Principles of Non-Violent Resistance

non violent resistance

When faced with the question of how to deal with violence, most people think there are only two options: either be violent in return, OR lay down and die as a pacifist. There is, however, a third way, which is called “Non-Violent Resistance.” It is what was practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., and so many other people throughout history. It is also the way of Jesus.

A True Foot Washing Service

foot washing ceremony

Don’t do a foot washing service. Instead, find modern practices that follow the symbols and significance of a foot washing service. In this post, I suggest some ways that you can wash the feet of other people around you.

How to Gird Up Your Loins (In Case You Ever Wondered)

gird up your loins

I saw this on the internet this week, and thought it was kind of funny… but also informative. If you have ever wondered how to gird up your loins, here is the definitive guide:

Romans 8:7-8, Enmity with God, and Calvinism

Romans 8 flesh vs spirit

Romans 8:7-8 does not teach total depravity or total inability. In fact, Romans 8:7-8 is about believers, and how we should not walk according to the flesh. Paul wants believers to live life in the Spirit, free from the damaging and destructive power of sin in our lives.

It’s the White Man’s Fault! It’s the Black Man’s Fault!

dying for our enemies

Racial tensions are at an all time high. White people blame the black man, and black people blame the white man. But neither is at fault. I am the one at fault. It is not “they” who must die, but me. If Jesus is our guide, we bring peace, not by killing others, but by laying down our lives for others, and especially for our enemies.