Would Jesus waterboard His enemies?



The answer to this question is obviously No.

Jesus would not waterboard his enemies.

Instead, it seems to me that Jesus would untie his enemy, hand him the bucket, and then get down on the waterboard himself, saying, Go ahead. I forgive you.

But this is a much different question than whether or not governments should waterboard enemies…

Either way, what are your thoughts?

Trial by Combat? Yes, Please!


combat juggling

This is awesome. I think we should reinstate trial by combat, but the combat should be combat juggling.

After I was done watching the video about combat juggling, I saw another video…. and another video…. and decided to just post them all.

The human mind and body is truly astounding.


What is your experience with study bibles?


Evangelism Study Bible

What is your experience with study Bibles?

Do you love them? Hate them?

If you have used them, which ones, what do you recommend, and why?

The Evangelism Study Bible might be helpful for evangelists and those seeking clarity on the Gospel, but other study Bibles are better for the deep study of God’s Word.

Would Jesus agree with Obama about Immigration Reform?


Jesus and Immigration reform

What are your views on immigration reform and amnesty for immigrants? What do you think Jesus would say about these pressing political and economic issues?

In this post I try to imagine how Jesus might respond to the issue of giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. This is only my attempt an an answer, and I would appreciate your input and ideas as well.


Jesus Isn’t Always the Answer


Jesus isnt always the answer

This humorous image shows the truth that Jesus is not the answer to every problem we may encounter in life.


23 Thanksgiving Food Facts to Smarten Your Brain While you Stuff Your Belly


1_Turkey EatHam

Here is a thanksgiving day video for your viewing enjoyment while you wait for the Turkey to cook.


Would Jesus be a Ferguson Protester?


Jesus in ferguson

What would Jesus say and do if He lived in Ferguson? No matter what decision comes down from the Grand Jury, what response looks like Jesus?

In this post I present four things that look like Jesus and which could transform the Ferguson protests if they followed the way of Jesus instead of the way of violence.


You Look Like Jesus!


looks like Jesus

Christians are to look like Jesus. But what does this mean?

Does it mean having long hair and wearing white robes? Of course not!

To look like Jesus means to live as He lived, but in a way that is specific to us. In future posts I will be looking at various theological and social topics through the lens of Jesus so that our response to these issues looks like Jesus.