Sometimes the Bible is our own worst enemy

The Bible

Be careful not to quote too much Scripture to an atheist… because he may start quoting Scripture right back! There are a lot of verses in the Bible that seem downright, well, anti-biblical. Or at least anti-christ.

Ever wonder what evangelism victims are thinking as you drone on about sin and hell?

evangelism victim

Next time you do evangelism, try to recognize that sometimes, there are more important things than sharing the gospel with words. Confrontational evangelism usually does more to annoy people than save them. Check out this Facebook post image to see an example.

Watch out! The Lord’s Prayer will ruin your life

the Lords Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most dangerous prayers you can pray. Every phrase is a minefield waiting to turn your life upside down. Each line of this prayer is designed to invite God into your life to overthrow, upend, and destroy your life. When you pray the Lord’s prayer, God enters your life like a bull in a china shop.

Bill Maher on Loving our Neighbors

Bill Maher sign of satan

Bill Maher calls on Christians to do a better job loving our neighbors and we respond by accusing him of being from satan. Hmm… That sounds eerily familiar to something that happened about 2000 years ago when Someone else showed up and started criticizing the established religion of the day…

Why Cain’s Sacrifice Was Better…

cains offering

God accepted Abel’s sacrifice, but not Cain’s. Here is a humorous look at one group that preferred Cain’s sacrifice to Abel’s.