The True Service of the Church

helping others get homes

A blog reader sent in a story about how he and his wife are learning to be the church in his community. They were a bit disappointed with how their church handled a situation, and so took matters into their own hands to love others like Jesus. If you have a similar story, send it in!

Would you give $0.50 to a homeless man? How about to a business man?

giving money to the homeless

Would you give money to a homeless man? How about to a business man? It turns out, more people will give $0.50 to a business man than a homeless man. Why? I suppose it is because people believe that the homeless man is more likely to spend the money on alcohol or drugs than the business man. But is that really true?

Do Seminary and discipleship play nicely together?

seminary - blessed are the balanced

Before I went to seminary, I was afraid of freezing. After seminary, I think I might have frozen. I recently read a book which may have helped me if I had read it before or during seminary. It is called Blessed are the Balanced. If you are in seminary or headed toward seminary, this might be a good book for you to read.

How Jesus would join those who condemn “Homosexual Sin”

homosexual sin

Ever wonder if Jesus would be out there holding a sign with those “Christians” who condemn homosexuals to hell? I think He would be … only here is the sign He would be holding…

My wife couldn’t stop laughing as she read this…

marriage operating system

When I showed this image to my wife, she laughed. She laughed a little too much… It was hard for her to stop laughing… Hmmm…