Why There Will be No Sports in Heaven


sports in heaven

It’s FOOTBALL WEEK! So I was wondering if there would be sports in heaven.

Some say no, some say yes. Depending on how you answer, this reveals a lot about what you think of our eternal bodies and more than that, what you think about God.

The Greatest PROOF of Christian Truth I have EVER read!


amazon review

I was reading the book reviews of a certain Christian book on Amazon yesterday, and stumbled upon the most astounding argument for the truth of Christianity I have ever read.

When I saw it, I laughed and laughed. It was both humorous and true!


What REALLY controls and guides Christians: Fear and Guilt


fear and guilt

My wife, Wendy, recently pointed out that the two things which seem to guide and control Christians are actually fear and guilt.

Do you struggle with fear and guilt? Do you even know that you struggle with it? Do you use it to control others? What sort of strategies have you found helpful in seeking to liberate yourself and others from fear and guilt?


You will never believe how Jesus spent $3,150,000,000 in 2014!


billions of dollars

Since the church is the representative of Jesus on earth, Jesus is doing whatever the church does. So even though Jesus himself did not actually do what this article states, it is still shocking to think about how this money was spent.

C. S. Lewis speaks out on Masturbation


CS Lewis

Did you know C. S. Lewis has written about masturbation?

Yep. In some of his letters he shared not only that he struggled with this temptation, but also provides some insight on what he thinks is the problem with masturbation.

I really like his answer, and think it provides just the right practical and theological balance to this tricky topic.


What I learned from almost following my GPS to my death


the Bible as a roadmap

I have been trained to follow my GPS blindly wherever it goes. Then it led me and my family on a treacherous mountain road, from which there was almost no return.

It got me thinking. Do I also blindly follow the Bible? If so, should I? If not, how can I read the Bible so that it guides me on the journey, but doesn’t lead me to death and destruction?

I don’t have answers to these questions. Just more questions. How about you?


I’m so tired of hate speech and guilt trips masquerading as the Gospel


angry preachers hate speech

I listened to a sermon today in which the preacher (I’m not going to call him a pastor) said these things:

…If you are going to follow Jesus, you need to stop hanging out with your non-Christian friends…

…Gays are disgusting people…

…God has called me to a new ministry…

When it comes to hate speech, legalism, and self-righteousness, Christianity has a corner on the market.

Would Jesus waterboard His enemies?



The answer to this question is obviously No.

Jesus would not waterboard his enemies.

Instead, it seems to me that Jesus would untie his enemy, hand him the bucket, and then get down on the waterboard himself, saying, Go ahead. I forgive you.

But this is a much different question than whether or not governments should waterboard enemies…

Either way, what are your thoughts?