Why Did God Reject Cain’s Sacrifice?

cain abel sacrifice

Why did God reject Cain’s sacrifice, but accepted Abel’s? It had nothing to do with what each man brought, but rather, the condition of their hearts. Sacrifices and offerings were not God’s idea. He doesn’t need them and He didn’t ask for them. What matters most to God is the heart of the worshiper; not his gifts.

Why Did Cain Offer a Sacrifice to God in Genesis 4?

sacrifice of cain abel

In Genesis 4, Cain did not offer a sacrifice to God because God had commanded them to make sacrifices. No, Cain was trying to give God back His fruit. Cain was trying to please and appease God, and hopefully, gain a way for himself and his family to reenter the Garden of Eden. He was trying to fulfill the expectations of his parents.

Did God Perform the First Sacrifice in Genesis 3:21?

first sacrifice Genesis 3 21

Many believe that Genesis 3:21 teaches that God performed the first sacrifice when he made tunics of skin for Adam and Eve. But is this correct? There are numerous other theories about where the skin came from and what kind of skin it was. We read substitutionary atonement and the sacrificial system into Genesis 3:21 at our own theological peril.

Did God Drown the Egyptian Army?

drowning Egyptian Army in Red Sea

Exodus 14 tells the story of God drowning the Egyptian army. How can God drown Israel’s enemies when Jesus tells us to die for our enemies? In this post, I argue that God didn’t kill the Egyptian army Himself, but God did take the blame for this event and bears responsibility for it because it is something that happened on His watch and seemingly by the hand of His prophet, Moses.

Drunk with Blood: God’s Killings in the Bible

Drunk with Blood

Drunk with Blood by Steve Wells should be mandatory reading by all Christians. It shows us what we Christians don’t want to admit, that God is violent! The sooner we own up to this fact, the sooner we can start dealing with it honestly, and trying to understand the Old Testament violence of God in light of Jesus Christ dying on the cross.