The True Service of the Church

helping others get homes

A blog reader sent in a story about how he and his wife are learning to be the church in his community. They were a bit disappointed with how their church handled a situation, and so took matters into their own hands to love others like Jesus. If you have a similar story, send it in!

Last Day to Download My Newest Book

Church is More than Bodies Bucks and Bricks

My newest book, Church is More than Bodies, Bucks, and Bricks, is available for free download on Amazon through June 7, 2014. Go get it now! If you want, you can also get a free copy of the paperback edition. I just ask that you pay the printing and shipping costs.

The Church that Risks

The Church that Risks

The church is so afraid of sinning, we take no risks. We must step out and be willing to make mistakes for the Kingdom of God as we follow Jesus. I hope you take such great risks that people accuse you of sinning. Religious people were always accusing Jesus of sinning. So if religious people are not accusing you of sinning, you are probably not following Jesus.

Why the church should not stick with what works

try something new

By sticking with the church traditions of the past, we may be sinfully ignoring the new things that Jesus wants for today. So we must try something new. If we make a mistake, it is okay. Sinning in our attempts to follow Jesus are much less grave than sinning in our attempts to play it safe.

Learn from Culture to Become the Church


Large portions of what the Early Church said and did, came not from heavenly revelation, but from cultural emulation. We can copy culture today as well. We must not run from culture, but watch, observe, and learn from culture, believing that God is at work there just as He is at work in our own lives, and that the needs and issues of culture can be championed by the church.