Why the Traditional Understanding of the Flood is Wrong

noahs flood

While my proposal about the flood is difficult to accept, the traditional reading is even more difficult. This post shows why. The alternative perspective helps us understand that when worldwide destruction was coming up on the earth as a result of mankind becoming extremely evil and violent, God stepped in to save and rescue those who would follow Him.

God Takes Responsibility for the Flood

the flood

When bad things happen in this world like the flood, God takes the responsibility for them because He created a world where such evil things are possible. When the flood came, it is not something that God sent, but is something that happened under His rule, or “on His watch.”

The Flood According to 2 Peter 2:5-7

2 Peter 2 the flood

In 2 Peter 2:5-7, Peter explains what happened in the flood and why the waters came upon the earth. God did not send the flood, but rescued people from it. This explanation is identical to what Jesus said about the flood in Matthew 24. Since sin cannibalizes itself, the sin of the people at the time of the flood brought the waters of destruction upon themselves.

The Flood According to Jesus (Matthew 24)

Matthew 24 flood of fire

In Matthew 24:36-44, Jesus provides insight into the causes and events of the flood. It shows that God did not kill people in the flood, but sought to rescue people from the flood that was coming upon the earth as a result of their own sinfulness.

The Flood According to Isaiah 54:7-9

Isaiah 54 the destroyer

One Old Testament passages which sheds light on what happened at the flood is Isaiah 54:7-9. Lots of people believe that God was the one who sent the flood to kill all the people on earth, but Isaiah 54 suggests otherwise.