The Holy Bible is not so Holy

holy Bible

Is the Holy Bible holy? No. God is holy. Ink on paper is not. This doesn’t mean the Bible is worthless. It is valuable. But let’s not worship the Bible.

Learn the Bible in 24 Words

learn the bible

One popular teacher shows how to learn the Bible in 24 hours. In this post, I teach the Bible in 24 words. These 24 words are the summary of Scripture. If you are not living by these 24 words, then you have no reason to study Scripture. These 24 words will help you understand and apply the Bible to your life.

Is the Flood Account a Beautiful Story about Rainbows?

the flood rainbow

Is the flood account really a beautiful story about rainbows? Hardly! It is a terrible, troubling text about a God who drowns everybody on earth. Christians often read the flood account with blinders on our eyes, and do not really see the way God is presented in this difficult passage.

Is God Lying about His Involvement in Violence?

God does not lie

In this post I answer one of the common objections to my view that God takes the sin of Israel upon Himself in the Old Testament. I argue that God did not do what the Old Testament says He did. So is God lying? No! He is not lying. He is being true to what Jesus taught us about God.

Does Jesus Condemn People? NO!

Jesus done not condemn

Does Jesus Condemn people? I say no. But what about Romans 8:34? Does this teach that Jesus condemns? Again, No! In this post I explain this verse. In this post I interact with a comment left on another blog about my proposal that Jesus does not condemn or punish people.