Does Jesus Drown Babies?


Jesus with baby

Every once in a while, we hear on the news about a woman who kills her children because God told her to.

We rightfully condemn such actions as having nothing to do with God and looking nothing like Jesus.

But then we turn around and attributes the worst sort of violence and baby-drowning behavior to God. Why do we do this? Does Jesus really drown babies and slaughter his foes?

Genesis 6:5 and Genesis 8:21 do not teach Total Depravity


Noah delivered from the flood

Though Genesis 6:5 and Genesis 8:21 are popular verses used to defend Total Depravity, they in fact offer a choice to humans whether to sin or obey God. Genesis 6–8 is a text which warns the reader that if they form the thoughts of their hearts after evil, only death and destruction will result. If, however, like Noah, they form their thoughts after righteousness and godliness, they will find grace in the eyes of the Lord, and He will guide them, protect them, and even deliver them

God Takes Responsibility for the Flood


the flood

When bad things happen in this world like the flood, God takes the responsibility for them because He created a world where such evil things are possible. When the flood came, it is not something that God sent, but is something that happened under His rule, or “on His watch.”


How Genesis 8:21 Reveals God’s Purpose in the Flood


Genesis 8:31

Genesis 8:21 helps us understand what God was doing in the flood. When we understand Genesis 8:21, it shows us that God was acting like Jesus. Genesis 8:21 reveals something beautiful and loving about God. He ends up looking like Jesus dying on the cross for the sake of sinners.

The Waters of the Flood and ANE Cosmology


the waters of the flood

In seeking to understand what is going on in the account of the flood and why the waters that came upon the earth, we must understand the ANE cosmology. The waters of the flood cause the world to revert the the chaos of a pre-creation state. The flood reveals cosmic warfare between God and Yamm, the god of chaos and storms.

The Flood of Genesis 6-8 in Context


the flood in Genesis 6-8

In the flood of Genesis 6-8, did God really send water to kill every living thing on earth? Some clues in the text hint that something else occurred.

Is the Flood Account a Beautiful Story about Rainbows?


the flood rainbow

Is the flood account really a beautiful story about rainbows? Hardly! It is a terrible, troubling text about a God who drowns everybody on earth. Christians often read the flood account with blinders on our eyes, and do not really see the way God is presented in this difficult passage.