Paul the Apostle of the Last Days

Apostle of the Last Days

Apostle of the Last Days by C. Marvin Pate is an excellent book showing how Jesus fulfills BOTH Jewish AND Graeco-Roman expectations for the last days. If you are preaching or teaching on any letter of Paul, I highly recommend this volume.

Theological Debates with Ignorant Christians

Ignorant Christian

Ever have a theological debate with an ignorant Christian? This post reveals how these theological discussions usually go. The logic is skewed, lots of Bible verses are quoted, and someone usually ends up yelling. Let me know of your own theological conversations with ignorant Christians.

The Bible Jesus (Didn’t) Read

What OT Authors Really Cared About

I have read dozens of Old Testament Surveys. This one was about like any other, expect for the strong Calvinistic slant put on each Old Testament book. If you are a Calvinist, you will like this Old Testament survey. If you are not a Calvinist, I encourage you to pick up some other Old Testament survey on the shelf.

Did Jesus Learn?

Did Jesus learn Scripture from Jewish teachers?

Did Jesus learn? I got into a debate recently with some people who think Jesus never had to learn anything. This sounds like Gnostic heresy to me. One thing the Gnostics believed was that Jesus wasn’t fully human, but only appeared human. Learning is part of being human, right?

Biblical Illiteracy is Not a Problem

Biblical Illiteracy

Biblical illiteracy is not a problem. The problem is not putting into practice the little bit we do know about the Bible. If the church wants to combat the increasing biblical illiteracy of our modern age, the solution is not more teaching, but more loving.