The Christmas Song of Mary

Mary Mother of Jesus Christ

Mary’s Christmas song really is beautiful, and if she actually sang it — the text reports that she “said” it (Luke 1:46) — I really wish we had the music as well. Here is a brief homily on Mary’s Christmas song – also called the Magnificat — which is based on my commentary on Luke 1.

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The Troubles of Joseph and Mary

Joseph and Mary

Joseph and Mary faced many of these troubles as well, and they had the added pressure of being the parents of the promised Messiah. Imagine that burden!

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Murder in Church

Praise and Worship

Jesus asked whether it was better to save a life or to destroy it. Jesus worked to save a life, so now, the religious leaders plan to kill Jesus. We sometimes do this in church.

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The Primary Problem with Theology

Theological Questions

Jesus does not like theology when it gets in the way of loving other people. Yet often, theology is used for this very reason.

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Theology be Damned

Man with Withered Hand

When a man with a withered hand shows up in the synagogue, Jesus asks a question which everybody knew the answer to. So why did He ask it?

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