3 Good Things about Divine Discipline

disciplined by God

Discipline is one of the ways God delivers us from committing even greater sins that will mess up and destroy our lives in even greater ways. So deliverance and discipline often come from the same source. Here are three things to remember whenever we face divine discipline.

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When You Cannot Pray

cannot pray

One consequence of sin is that it damages our relationship with God and our ability to pray. When we sin, one of the hardest things to do is pray. So if you are having trouble praying, the first prayer that can be offered is a prayer of confession and repentance.

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No Sacrifice for Willful Sin is Left

sacrifice for sin

Many people believe that Hebrews 10:26 teaches that people lose their salvation for willful sin. But does this verse mean that we can lose our salvation? The same avenue that is available to us today: falling completely and solely upon the grace of God.

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Is Jonah Saved?

Jonah in heaven

If there is one person who should have lost his salvation or proved he never had it in the first place, it is Jonah. But God forgives and loves him. While horrid beliefs and behavior have significant temporal and eternal consequences, final and ultimate condemnation from God is not one of those consequences.

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The Best Way to Teach Theology

storms of life

Caring for people is the first step in caring for their theology. We give bad theology because we never take the time to get to know people. I fear that many churches and Christians do not realize the horrible, muddled theology we teach to people in our neighborhoods, at our jobs, and even in our families because deep down inside, we do not really care about the people themselves.

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