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Jeremy Myers with his wife, Wendy. I definitely married “up.”

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About Till He Comes.org

The goal of my website is this:

I write to bring Scripture and Theology to life.

A lot of writing about Scripture and theology is boring, hard to understand, and once understood, makes little difference in one’s life. In my writing, I hope to change all this.

If you want to know what I believe… well, I want to know that too, which is another reason I write. I think best when writing. I write so that I might learn what I believe. I write so that I might continue my theological education in public.

But you are looking for some sort of “Doctrinal Statement” then check out my unDoctrinal Statement blog post.

If you want to see what sorts of authors and books have most influenced my thinking and theology, check out my Recommended Christian Books page.

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I want to be as available to you as I possibly can. Please forgive me if it does take me some time to respond! Here are some ways in which you can interact with me:

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The Back Story

The site began in 2001 when I was still a pastor as a place for me to post my sermons manuscripts and audio recordings. Some of these are still on the site: Sermon Audio and Sermon Manuscripts. In 2007, I added the blog, which became my primary form of online communication. However, the blog also become unwieldy as I had numerous topics I was writing about. Along with Bible Study and Theology, I was looking to get published and plant a church.

So more recently, to help me focus the content of this blog on its original purpose, I started several other blogs for these other purposes:

  • Grace Commentary is a free, online, interactive Bible Commentary. It contains academic research on various books of the Bible. Right now, I am working through the the book of Jonah and the Gospel of Luke.
  • Grace Ground is a free, online blogging community for church leaders and church planters. I write there about my own church planting journey.
  • Grace Books is a free, online blogging community for Christian authors and writers. On this site, I write about my efforts to get published, and what I am learning in the process. If you are an author, or are looking to get published, feel free to join the blogging community there and start building (or add to) your author platform.
  • Grace Blogger is where I provide free tips and tricks for ministry blogs. I am completely self-taught when it comes to blogging and web-design, and over the years, many people have asked me to help them set up their blog. I love to help others, but found that I was answering the same questions over and over. So I set up this blog to share some of what I have learned over the years about blogging. If you are a new blogger, or are looking to learn some of what I do as a blogger, check out this site.
  • Redeeming Press is the publishing arm of my ministry. I not only publish my own books through this company, but also seek to help other authors get their books into print as well. At Redeeming Press, we focus on publishing with generosity and grace. We want to return publishing to the way it used to be, where the main concern about a book was not how many copies it would sell, but whether or not the book contained redemptive and important truths. We also try to be generous in our royalty structure, giving authors 30% (or more( royalty payments.

As you can see by the titles, I’m a big fan of grace. It is the theme of my writing and my life. Of course, most of these other blogs do not get updated frequently, because I simply do not have the time. But they are there for future writing projects…

Till He Comes

What does “Till He Comes” mean?

Till He Comes is actually an acrostic for “Truth in Love, Letting Him Equip Christians to Obey, Minister, Evangelize, and Send.” Catchy, huh? I cringe when I think about it now. Oh well. Now I just think of it as a reference to 1 Corinthians 11:26 where Paul writes that we are to proclaim the Lord’s death “till he comes” (NKJV).

That summarizes this site well. Though Paul is talking about the Lord’s Supper in 1 Corinthians 11, one of the ways we can proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes is by dying to ourselves daily. When I look back and who I was when I started this site, what I believed, and the things I wanted, I can hardly believe the changes that God has brought about in my life. Most of who I was and what I wanted is now dead. In many ways, I’m still trying to fill the voids that were left behind, and this site is helping me in that quest.

My Blog posts contain a journey of me trying to fill in the holes, connect the dots, and put into words what I’m thinking and feeling about where I’m at.  Also, Bible study is still a huge part of my life, and while I post some of my informal studies here on this blog, most of my formal studies will be posted over at my other website: Grace Commentary.

More About Jeremy Myers

My entire story is not posted anywhere, but a rough outline of the past ten years is posted on Jason Boyett’s blog, Oh Me of Little Faith. I have also written about my experiences as part of a book I recently published called: Finding Church: Stories of Leaving, Switching, and Reforming.

I work as a prison chaplain, but that’s just a job to pay the bills so that I can do what I really enjoy: spend time with my wife and three girls, read, write, and study.

I received my Th.M. from a leading seminary in Texas, have published articles in various theological journals, have written several books, and have started a publishing company.

More information about this website



  1. Jim Myers says

    I have logged almost 40 years as a pastor/missionary. Having the same last name I just wondered if we are shirt-tail relatives. My family came from northeastern Ohio, but I had cousins in CO whom I never met. Just curious as to your background

  2. says


    Well, most of my family comes from Washington and Montana. But we are probably distantly related somehow…. after all, we know how to correctly spell “Myers.” Ha ha.

  3. FedExMOP says


    I just stumbled across your blog, and I am intriqued by some of your statements. I spend a lot of time ministering to people who have been deeply wounded by churches and traditional Christian organizations. Some of the statements you make on this blog lead me to think that you have been wounded by these very same people.

  4. FedExMOP says


    Accidentally submitted before I was finished.

    I think it interesting that God has you on the exact opposite trajectories in many ways. I was raised in “church”. My father was insistant that I should become a pastor, but instead I joined the Army and became a prison guard. I later left the Army and became a federal police officer. I was a churchy person, and I spent my life judging those who did not measure up to my standards of Godly living. I was a pharasee in a lot of ways and had little understanding of God’s grace.

    God allowed me to become full of my own self righteousness to the point that I fell greatly, and ended up in prison myself. After I left prison, I was led into a church that taught “free grace” and a group of Godly men that welcomed me into their circle in spite of my own failings. God took me through a period of deep disillusionment in my ideas of God and Church in order to be able to use me.

    Now, I am the president of a grace based motorcycle ministry that reaches out to those on the street in addiction, to those in criminal biker gangs, and to those who want nothing to do with traditional churches. I spend my days leading a group of bikers that don’t look, act, or smell like good Christians, and we serve Him wherever we go.

    I share this testimony to encourage you to keep searching and struggling with the voids as you call them. I know some truly great men of God who only came to be used for the kingdom after they were stripped of their own illusions of who God is and what He expects of us. This in many ways is the death of the dreams that you illude to.

    I am adding this blog to my favorites. If I ever get my own blog up, I will share a link with you. I pray that God will use me to encourage you in this journey and I know you will do the same for me(you already have through some of your posts).

    In Christ,

    Men of Praise Motorcycle Ministry

    • says

      Wow. I would love to hear more about your story and your current ministry. You are right, I have been hurt by the church…but who hasn’t?

      That hasn’t caused me to abandon the church, but to try to live out the principles of church in a meaningful way in my own life and with those I interact with. It sounds like you are doing that too.

      Please, once you get your blog up, let me know. I want to hear more. Thanks!

      • FedExMOP says


        I will definately try to stay in touch. I especially like your incarnational ministry style. If we are not Christ to those around us then how are they going to see Him?

        The damage that the church did to me was done before my failure. I was led to believe that my performance was important to God, that if I would just do enough Good things, that God could accept me. I am naturally inclined to law, as are all of us, but I was good at it. I could keep the rules, be in church all the time, not drink or smoke or do drugs. Even sexual sin did not seem to be a problem for me. I was so good at keeping the lists that I really looked down on everyone who could not keep them as well as me.

        Then I found that I was fallable. God needed to disillusion me in my own ability to be acceptable before Him. I fell flat on my face. Your recent article on how to get involved in a sex scandal really hits a little too close to home. I can say that even though I was not a leader in a church, my pride and self righteousness led me to think that I was above sinning. I really believed that I could flirt with sin and not get burned. The steps you give are really right on, and though your article has a feel of being tongue-in-cheek, it really should serve as a warning to those who feel that they cannot or will not fall into temptation themselves.

        In Christ,

        Men of Praise Motorcycle Ministry

  5. Dave Woodward says

    I haven’t reviewed your site thoroughly yet but couldn’t help but comment on one of your sermons that has helped me greatly. I have really been struggling with how best to live a principled life and stand-up for Truth, while at the same time not being “judgemental.” It’s so awesome how we know Truth when we hear it. The Holy Spirit really spoke to my heart as I read your sermon and I just wanted to say thank you for being willing to share.

  6. Jesse Ernst says

    Hey Jeremy,
    We hope you are having a very successful ministry there on the other side of the country. Could you email us your mailing address?

    May God bless you in a new way.

    Jesse and Ava

  7. Rocky Hoopingarner says

    Dear Jeremy, please don’t be offended, but I believe that, it’s not just his death we are supposed to tell about, but his resurrection as well. Just as he had his disciples follow him up on the mount to be a witness of his transfiguration and an example of the resurrection, using his brothers and servants, Elija and Moses. That is the whole gift we are to look forward to, because even the world knows we have death, but through the Father, Lord Jehova, the son, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, along with the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, God’s Christ, we have life everlasting!!! Praise be to our high priest for ever in the order of King Melchesideck, according to the Father who is in Heaven. May God bless you in your endeavor to spread the good news!!! Halalu Yah Way!!!!!!!

    • says

      I’m not offended at all. I agree with you. The death of Jesus is nothing without the resurrection. The same is true in our lives. We experience the death of many things so that resurrection can occur.

      Did I say something in the page above to make you think otherwise?

  8. Jude says

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    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks in advance, and happy Monday :)

    Jude Abeler

  9. Sorry person says

    Dear Jeremy..I have bought your book today via Amazon on the Unforgivable sin..I am so worried that I have committed this sin some years ago..I read the scripture ” anyone who says anything against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven “..I invited Jesus into my heart some time ago..but got stuck with this scripture..I thought ” well,we can say words, not mean them, bring them out of our mouths but not mean them ” then got temped ( stupidly) with the phrase ” will never be forgiven “..and in my heart wanted to commit this sin…( stupid ) so in my heart , no words said, I committed this sin,…then ran to my minister to tell him I had done this sin…but wanted to continue fully being a christian sharing GOD AND JESUS with all around..Some strange this happened to me..then I seemed to strengthen and continue to grow and wanted to, being a Christian, but then this year life changed and all sorts of things happened suddenly and I wondered if God was now dealing with this sin from many years ago..but still I want to share about GOD AND JESUS..I’m so sorry..I felt if I had read the word ” blaspheme ” and not the word ” say “, I would have turned over the page and read on…So Sorry…and want to find my way back home to GOD..

    • says

      If you are concerned about this sin, then you did not commit it. If you want God to forgive you and you are sorry for what you said or did, then God is still at work in your life, and therefore, you did not commit this unpardonable sin. God accepts you, loves you, and forgives you.

    • Roibn says

      Hello just no your not alone with this one….i struggle with this too. I am fighting my way out of this though for the very first time because i am fed up of living with this nagging thought daily. I am almost there. Speaking up for the first time. I lived with it for years because i didn’t want people to worry about me. Coming out with this has been freeing though. I know it is solo nutty though. We almost make it worse for ourselves by obsessing over it. THat word you used stuck. Is a perfect definition of all this.

    • says

      When the Christ states that anybody who says anything against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, its because the sin against the Holy Spirit, has immediate retribution. The Holy Spirit punishes you immediately you sin against Him. Its not that you are lost forever. But that you are punished immediately.

      How does the Holy Spirit punish you for speaking against Him? He withdraws from you and you are exposed to the shenanigans of the evil Spirit. But when you sin against the Son, the Son cannot leave you, because He has already Redeemed you from the Father. If you sin against the Father, the Son, pays your sins before the Father.

  10. imjustasking says

    Hi I am technically a Jehovahs Witness and I love your site. I say technically because although Iwas baptised as one I now have very little in common with the movement and don’t participate in their preaching work or attend the meetings at the Kingdom Halls. Like yourself I am repelled at the controlling ways of men who set themselves up to Lord it over others. I do get your posts and love the observations that are made.

    However although I don’t identify myself by following a brand, I know you would reject me as your Christian brother because I don’t believe in the Trinity. That saddens me because when I read your posts I feel far more affiliated to you than those that I am meant to share the same beliefs with. However I can’t get my head around the Trinity, even when I was a kid. I grew up in the church of England, but could not understand our accept the Trinity. Any case even if you don’t consider me as your brother I consider you mine. There are many other JW’s who are like myself who only want to be led by Christ and not a Corporation. I

    It is my wish that one day Christ will reveal his nature in a way that any honest hearted person will respond to. If you prove to be correct I would humbly and gratefully accept correction. I would hope the same would be true of yourself as well if you are found needing further direction.
    Any case I would like to say thank you for your insights and the way you remind me and so many others what our real responsibility are as Christians.

    Keep up the good work, your brother in Christ.

    • says

      I wouldn’t reject you personally. I do think the Trinity is a foundational doctrine and is critical for understanding God, but I do not think that belief in the Trinity is required to receive eternal life. For that, all a person needs to do is believe in Jesus Christ for it, not trusting in their own works or righteousness in any way, shape, or form. Jesus Christ has done it all!

      • imjustaskin says

        Hi Jeremy, thanks for your kind words. I am heartened that you are true to word and not bigoted. Perhaps one day I may see things your way, but for now I accept Jesus as my Lord and my God and not the Watchtower Society. I know that wherever we are in our personal beliefs about the nature of Christ, he will draw all who praise him and accept his sacrifice into a perfect bond of union then everything will be clear (1 Corinthians 13:12)

      • Brian Young says

        Jeremy, While I might be willing to arguably accept that a belief in the Trinity isn’t necessary for salvation (after all, how many mature Christians really understand the concept, much less a “babe in Christ), would you agree that believing in the Deity of Christ is essential; that Jesus is God and not just a created being?
        It is my understanding that JW’ s believe that Jesus is a created being, and not God.

        • says

          Let me ask you this: At what point in the ministry of Jesus did the disciples have eternal life? Can we know? If so, at what point in the ministry of Jesus did they know He was God incarnate?

        • Brian Young says

          Jeremy, While I have no idea when the disciples were “saved” (I’m not even sure I know exactly when I was saved), I do believe they knew at least by Peter’s confession of Christ (Matthew 16:13-20) that He was God incarnate. (I believe Peter’s reference to Jesus as the “Son of the living God” is a reference to Jesus’ deity.) Based upon your answer here and in response to “IMJUSTASKIN”, I get the impression that you don’t believe it is important what one believes about Jesus (who He was) as long as they have a sincere belief in Him. Whether you think He was God incarnate or just a good man, as long as you put your faith in Him, you are saved.
          The fact that Jesus did ask the disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” and not just, “Do you believe in me?” leads me to believe that Who we say He is does matter. I believe that when John said, “No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father” (1 John 2:23), was talking not just about accepting Jesus the man, but about accepting all that the Bible (and Jesus Himself) said about Him.

          • says

            I might agree with you. I do think that belief in the deity of Jesus is a necessary “pre-condition” to believing in Jesus for eternal life. If someone thought Jesus was a mere human, why would they believe in Him for eternal life?

  11. Arnel Alaurin says

    Hellow Bro Mayers, I am a prophetic Bible researcher hr in the Philippines , and i believe that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very near.The people of God are not in darkness, so they know the time, the coming of the LOrd is not like a thief to them who are studying the time prophecy. The preaching of the definite time was of God.

    Please sent me your Chronological timeline of your study, I want to know more about 2014 second coming. Because our group hr is waiting for the general destruction first, “Desolation” of this world before the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    We also believe that 2014 is the year of the coming of the KING.

    God Bless you Brother.

  12. Philip Muller says

    Hi Jeremy, really enjoying your studies in Ephesians, but where’s chapter 5? Are you going to post this soon?

  13. Allen says

    Being a creative type, I was browsing for articles on Creativity and The Christian Faith. I was prompted to do so after watching one in series of lectures by jazz pianist/musical artist Herbie Hancock. The phrase ‘Buddhism and Creativity’ was mentioned (YouTube: Herbie Hancock, Mahindra Humanities Ctr, if you’re interested.) Hmm. Christian Faith and Creativity? Thus my search began and here I am. Anyways, I see your site has a lot more interesting topics to explore, especially being that I recently pulled out of a “church” after 5 years. Audiobook “Why Men Hate Going To Church” is full of pertinent info and also paints a pretty good picture of the modern Christian congregation. Just as another gentleman has, I’ve bookmarked your site. Looks good. We’ll be in touch. Be well!

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