Lighten Up!


Sometimes we just need to lighten up.

I don’t now about you, but sometimes I can get so caught up in Bible Study and Theology that I forget to laugh and smile. So I really appreciate this month’s Synchroblog theme about lightening up and having fun.

And rather than write a serious post about why we should lighten up, I just decided to post a few things that I hope will make you laugh.


Here is one of my favorite parking videos of all time. But just so everyone knows… my wife is a GREAT driver.

My daughters are decent at math, but sometimes I think they feel like this person:


I wonder if the parking enforcement officer accepted this excuse…


And since this is a blog about church, I laughed at this video:

Here is a list of the other Synchroblog participants this month:



  1. says

    I loved!!! the parking video although I don’t believe that all those bad drivers were women:>)) Thanks for helping me start my morning off with laughter!

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