The Unforgivable Sin – You Have Not Committed It

Unforgivable Sin

Most Christians have wondered at one time or another if they have committed the unpardonable sin.

If this is your fear, be encouraged. You have not committed the unforgivable sin. You are not eternally damned. You are not forsaken by God. You are not hated by God. You are not outside the bounds of His love and grace.

Quite to the contrary, you are loved by God more than you possibly know.

You are forgiven. You are accepted. God loves you!

In this book, I show why you have not committed the unpardonable sin. After surveying the various views about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, I examine Matthew 12:31-32 and show what Jesus meant when He talked about this sin.

The most common theories about the unpardonable sin (also called the unforgivable sin) include the sins of adultery, divorce, murder, and even cursing the Holy Spirit. Not even suicide is the unforgivable sin. While many churches and pastors teach that those who commit such sins cannot be forgiven, this books reveals that all such sins are forgivable by God.

If you have committed adultery, you are forgiven!

If you got a divorce, you are forgiven!

If you had an abortion, you are forgiven!

If a friend of yours committed suicide, this does not mean they automatically went to hell.

If you are afraid that you blasphemed the Holy Spirit, then do not worry any longer, God has already forgiven you for whatever you said or whatever you did.

Even if you cursed God, cursed the Holy Spirit, or said some terrible things to them, they still love you and still forgive you.

Yes, it is true….There is a sin in the Bible which is “unpardonable.” The Bible talks about a sin which cannot be forgiven. But there is so much bad teaching in the church about what this sin is, how it is committed, and whether or not there is hope for those who commit this sin, but you do not need to worry about committing it. Some churches teach that there are seven unforgivable sins in the Bible, or that there is one thing you can say which will cause God to hate you forever, or that if you have done something terrible in your past there is no hope for your eternal soul. All of these teachings are unhealthy! They do not reflect the heart of God, His great love for you, or the infinite forgiveness He has provided to you in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

If there is a sin you have committed which you think is unforgivable, or which makes you think God does not love you, or makes you feel like you cannot be forgiven, do not worry any longer. This book will give you hope for your future and reveal to you the infinite love, grace, and mercy of God for you.

In the end, you will learn that you have not committed the unforgivable sin.

Learn More About the Unforgivable Sin

If you have questions about whether or not you have committed the unforgivable sin, here is a whole series of posts I have done on this topic. Feel free to read them all! Please note that most of these posts were drawn from my book, Why You Have Not Committed the Unforgivable Sin, which you can purchase from Amazon for less than $6.

How to Get a Copy of my Book on the Unforgivable Sin

Unforgivable SinIf you want to obtain a copy for yourself or someone you know, is selling both ebook and paper book version of Why You Have Not Committed the Unforgivable Sin. 

Click the appropriate link below to be taken to

Paper book version of Why You Have Not Committed the Unforgivable Sin

Ebook version of Why You Have Not Committed the Unforgivable Sin

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  1. justwanttoknow says

    I ordered this book last week & looking forward to reading it, like you said there is so much teaching on this subject. I read a devotional on the subject last year & still battling the thoughts it caused me to have,

  2. h says

    If i said that blasphemy words that pharisees said due to fear of God or wrobg thoughts that comes to me can I still be forgiven, what if those thoughts are because of my anger of God or love of sin or unable to do huge vows, …etc.

    I love his forgiveness but when bad thoughts like pharisees words come to my mind I feel like I love them and always fail to reject them, even sometimes I speak them or have doubts, and I read a lot about this subject also I have some OCD signs. But I do this sin I think


    • says

      Yes, you can still be forgiven, and you ARE forgiven. People who commit the unpardonable sin (1) don’t think they committed it, (2) don’t care that they have committed it, and (3) don’t care about being forgiven.

      Since you are concerned about all these things, this is evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work upon your life, therefore, you have not committed this sin. God loves you more than you can imagine!

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