Sermons on Luke


Sermons on Luke

This page contains sermons on Luke I taught while I was a pastor from 2000-2005. Some of the sermons on Luke also contain MP3 Audio files. Click here for other sermons.

Note that some aspects of my theology have changed since I taught these studies. See my blog series on theology for more.

I am also currently writing a commentary on the Gospel of Luke. You can read more about this here.

Sermons on Luke 1

Sermons on Luke 2

Sermons on Luke 3

Sermons on Luke 4

Sermons on Luke 5

Sermons on Luke 6

  • Luke 6:1-5 – Jesus Goes Against the Grain on the Sabbath
  • Luke 6:6-11 – Jesus Gives a Hand on the Sabbath
  • Check back soon!

Sermons on Luke 7

  • Luke 7:31-35 – Be Childlike; Not Childish
  • Check back soon for more!


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