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Welcome to TILL HE COMES, the teaching ministry of Jeremy Myers.

Since I am not currently a pastor in the traditional sense, I am no longer adding sermons to the Bible Study section of this website. Most of my old sermons are still there in text and audio format.  Of course, since God has been doing a lot of work in me recently, I no longer agree with everything there, so access it at your own risk!

If you want to study the Bible with me, please join me at my new Bible teaching website: Grace Commentary. It is a free, online, interactive Bible commentary. As I am working full time, and have a family, the work on this commentary is going quite slow. I try to do 5-10 verses per week, but even that has been a challenge. Right now, I am writing commentary on the Gospel of Luke.

Eventually, I want to add Grace Theology, and maybe a Grace Bible Dictionary to that site as well.

In His grace,
Jeremy Myers

  Jeremy with his wife, Wendy, and their three daughters, Taylor, Selah, and Kahlea