Commentary on the Gospel of Luke


I am writing an online commentary on the Gospel of Luke over at However, I also want to bring the Gospel of Luke to life, not just with insights and information from the cultural background of the Bible, but also by showing how Scripture makes a difference in your life.

I occasionally make posts about this here on the Till He Comes blog, but decided to create a single Post which lists the entire blog series by chapter and passage. This will not only help bring the Bible to life in your own reading of Scripture, but also if you are preparing to teach a Bible Study or preach a sermon.

I try to add one or two of these per week, so check back regularly. When I finish with Luke, I will move on to other books of the Bible. You can subscribe here and to the Grace Commentary feed to make sure you get them all.

Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

Bringing Luke to Life

| Luke 1 | Luke 2 | Luke 3 | Luke 4 | Luke 5 | Luke 6 |

Luke 1

Luke 2

Luke 3

Luke 4

Luke 5

Luke 6


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